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Outdoor Flooring Solutions


Solid colour EDPM rollform flooring for indoor and outdoor installations


Explore Our Outdoor Rubber Flooring Solutions - Engineered for endurance and designed for outdoor performance, our rubber flooring is your go-to choice for resilient surfaces in outdoor spaces. From superior wear resistance to effective impact absorption, rubber ensures longevity and safety in outdoor areas. When practicality and strength matter most, trust our outdoor rubber flooring to stand up to the toughest demands.

From the vibrancy of outdoor social spaces to the rugged demands of recreational areas, our rubber flooring provides a versatile solution that merges enduring performance with the adaptability to suit any outdoor design. Ideal for patios, pool surrounds, playgrounds, and walkways, explore the wide-ranging applications of rubber flooring and understand why it's becoming the preferred choice for diverse outdoor settings.


Outdoor Pool Areas

For outdoor pool surrounds, rubber flooring excels in safety, comfort, and durability. Its non-slip surface ensures secure footing, even when wet, while providing a cushioned area for poolside relaxation. Resistant to weather and easy to maintain, rubber flooring offers a practical solution for enhancing the aesthetics and safety of pool areas.


For paths and walkways, opt for rubber flooring for durability and low-maintenance. Resistant to the elements, it ensures longevity while providing a practical solution for enhancing outdoor spaces. Consider selecting high-contrast colours to clearly define walkways, adding both functionality and visual distinction to your outdoor environment.

Garden Social Spaces

In home garden spaces and communal residential areas, rubber flooring delivers comfort, durability, and style. Soft underfoot and weather-resistant, it creates a low-maintenance outdoor environment, perfect for socialising and relaxation.


For outdoor play areas and school playgrounds, choose rubber flooring for safety and durability. Its cushioned, impact-absorbing surface minimises injuries, while being resilient to the elements. Rubber flooring is easy to clean and ensures a safe environment for endless play and learning.

On the search for wet pour surfacing for play, sports and leisure? 

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