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Indoor Flooring Solutions

DalWerk Riven

Tough, hardwearing textured tiles in slate finish


Interlocking tiles suitable for the toughest sports installations


Sound and impact absorbing recycled EDPM rollform flooring


Solid colour EDPM rollform flooring for indoor and outdoor installations

DalWerk Classic

Hardworking, textured rubber tiles in a classic stud design

DalWerk Strata

Tough, hardwearing textured tiles in hammerblow finish

DalRollo Satin

Smooth surface, tactile rubber, available in rolls or tiles


Recycled rollform rubber flooring with excellent sound and impact absorbing qualities

Explore our Indoor Rubber Flooring Solutions – built for durability and designed for performance. From resilient rolls to robust tiles, our range is engineered to stand up to the toughest demands of commercial environments. With superior wear resistance and impact absorption, rubber ensures longevity in high-traffic areas, making it the smart choice for businesses that prioritise practicality, strength and style.

From the buzz of commercial hubs to the tranquility of residential spaces, rubber flooring offers a solution that combines long-lasting performance with the flexibility to match any interior design. Explore the diverse applications of rubber flooring and discover why it's increasingly favored in various indoor settings.


Office Space

For modern offices, rubber flooring offers a blend of style, comfort, and practicality. Its noise absorption qualities make it ideal for open-plan offices, while the range of designs can complement any corporate aesthetic.

Retail & Commercial Spaces

High-traffic retail environments require a floor that can withstand constant foot traffic without compromising on style. Rubber flooring is both durable and available in various designs, aligning with the branding needs of retail spaces.


In hospitals and clinics, hygiene and easy maintenance are paramount. Rubber flooring is not only easy to clean and hypoallergenic but also offers a quiet, comfortable surface underfoot – essential in healthcare settings.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities benefit from rubber flooring due to its durability and noise-reducing qualities. In areas like libraries, classrooms, and hallways, it provides a safe, quiet, and long-lasting flooring solution.

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